You will learn and practice tasks and duties of a professional waiter and the best way to handle them.

From serving the guest in a friendly and efficient manner while maintaining a clean and safe work environment, to present menu, answer questions and make suggestions regarding food and beverage, adhere to timing standards for products and services.

You will receive a certificate of participation powered by PROGRESS INTERNATIONAL.


Day 1

Restaurant Definition,Restaurant Profiles and Types,Organizational Structure of the Restaurant,the Roles in the Restaurant,Guidelines for an Excellent Restaurant Waiter,Restaurant Terminology 08:00


Day 2

Work Safety, Hazards, Accidents, Fire Prevention, Risk Management, Restaurant Maintenance, Restaurant Equipment, Cleaning and Sanitation, Handling Chemicals , Personal Protective Equipment(PPE), Garbage Separation , HACCP Basics , Safe Food Handler , Waiter Attire , Service Stations, Menu Definition, Menu Terminology , Enhancing a Food Flavor 08:00


Day 3

Service Types, Importance of the Setting up and Preparation,Napkin Folding Basics, Pairing Beverages with Food, Wine and Champagne Service Theory, Carrying Tray and Dishes Techniques, Steps of Service 08:00


Day 4

PRACTICE: Each participant will have the chance to apply learnt material and skills in practice. 08:00


Day 5

EXAM AND FINAL EVALUATION: Trainee’s knowledge will be tested, in line with the training learning material; the final exam will be evaluated and the training will end with an individual feedback session. 08:00


Course Curriculum

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  • 150.00
  • 5 Days
  • Course Certificate
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