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Why in Elbasan? Why us?

Elbasan, city of education

The organization of the Congress of Elbasan was of great historical importance to the development of education and culture in Elbasan. The National Congress convened September 2-9, 1909. It is one of the most important events in the history of Albania; its purpose was to address issues linked to culture and education. Three months later, on December 1, 1909, a school for teachers, Shkolla Normale e Elbasanit, opened with six classes. It was the first one of its kind in Albania. Its opening was the finalization of numerous efforts by Albanian patriots who wanted to provide education that would further the development of the Albanian nation.

The Normal School of Elbasan was sponsored by the funds of the Përparimi society of Korca, headed by Orhan Pojani. A year later, the school was closed by the Ottomans. It reopened in 1911; it was closed and reopened five more times from 1911 until the Congress of Lushnja in 1920. The first director was Luigi Gurakuqi. In the first year, 50 students were registered from all over Albania. The first graduates were in 1924. Its teaching staff and directors featured some of the brightest personalities of Albanian education: Aleksandër Xhuvani, Sali Ceka, Ahmet Gashi, Sotir Peci, Simon Shuteriqi, Kostaq Cipo, Luigj Filaj, Kahreman Ylli, Qamil Guranjaku.

A Family Devoted to Education

More than fifty percent of the parents and grandparents who are our company employees have a strong background and a great deal of experience in educational principles and techniques. They have been working in the education system for decades and have directly contributed to the wealth of our country. We are proud of them and plan to build on the foundation they have created.


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Academy of Science in Albania 

Founded in 1972, it is the most important scientific institution in Albania. In the 1980s, several research institutes that began at the University of Tirana were transferred to the Academy’s jurisdiction. The institution includes distinguished scientists who are involved in research centers and other organizations inside and outside Albania. As of 2009, the Academy has 23 regular members, 10 associated members, one permanent member, and 26 honor members.

Even during the communist era, Elbasan was known as the city of Education and Science. Professor Aleks Buda, Founder of the Albanian Science Academy, was born in Elbasan, and more than 60% of Albanian Science Academy members were from Elbasan.

The Academy endorsed the Summit Statement that emerged from the New Delhi Population Summit of 1993.This statement, signed by representatives of fifty-eight academies, reflects continued concern about the intertwined problems of rapid population growth, wasteful resource consumption, environmental degradation, and poverty.

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Tourism Training Started in Our First Days

Our Tourism academy started in early 2006. We were at the forefront of the development of Albania’s tourism industry when we organized our first training with young professional students from the foreign language faculty of Elbasan.

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Pioneering to Implement Dual Mode VET training Tourism in Albania!

In 2010, together with prestigious partners Messe Berlin, ITB Berlin, the Schaefer Mobility Group, and Akademie Neu Media, we launched a pilot project to reform and implement tourism vocational and educational training system in Albania.This pilot project used the German dual education system model (VET—Vocational and Educational Training). A variety of meetings were organized with business operators, political decision makers, and professional schools and universities. Since that time, Albanian professional schools have not had a real dual mode model like in Germany or other developed countries that guarantees theory plus on-the-job practice to enhance the quality of student skills and their smooth integration into the labor market.

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Endless Communication with Authorities and Communities!

We have had meetings and open lecture hours between the international professors andthe young students in Albanian high schools and universities.

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Facts & Figures 2018:
Train of trainers: 2 courses – 10 Albanian trainers certificated
Guide Trainings; 39 certified – and 19 work with us
Waiter; 18 certified and – and 18 work full time
Cleaning ladies; 24 certified – and 22 work full time
Travel agents; 16 certified and – and 5 work with us
Bus and transfer Drivers; 11 certified and – and 4 work with us
Coding and IT developers: 29 Certified as basic – 14 continue to deeper qualification on PHP, JavaScript, and Asp.Net


Lifelong Learning and On-the-Job Training!

We are ready to prepare the next generation and re-tool the current workforce for the next industrial revolution 4.0

Mission & Vision


Albania faces huge difficulties. The economic and social situations are still suffering the consequences of non-modern and non-transparent governance. The travel and tourism sector is a key industry for the country’s economic activity; forecasts for the coming years are very positive. To be competitive on an international level there is still a great deal to accomplish. The lack of competent serving staff is at an emergency level. We, Elite Travel Group, are working to change the situation by investing in training and education as the key to sustainable and long-lasting business development and to social equity and inclusion.

Now we are ready for a new challenge:
Guided by the UN sustainable development goals, Albania is on its way to joining the EU. Inspired by the German dual education system and recognizing our business need, we opened our Academy in order to create a new pool of tourism professionals that will be trained to work in a modern and competitive labor market. We want to support the business needs of today and tomorrow, not only for our company but for all the Albanian tourism market.

Our idea is to offer instruction in the basic professions to encourage the young to stay in Albania and involve and integrate them into the business sector. We want to stop the brain drain of our young adults who leave Albania to find jobs elsewhere. We want to involve and integrate women and ethnic minorities in the tourism labor market. Our aim is for the Elbasan public schools to do this in the next few years so all Albanians can get a basic education regardless of their financial situation or gender.
Elbasan is proud of its efforts in piloting TOT (Trainer of Trainers),inspiring local public institutions and authorities to follow the VET Dual system, and implementing that system in professional high schools, professional training centers, and with professional faculties at Elbasan University.

The Elite Academy is our brand CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Since we are a member of Travelife, we support initiatives that have socio-economic impact, such as education and training. The Academy is open and affordable for everyone; it is a non-profit organization.

Elite Travel Group is directly financing the Academy and external donors are not allowed to donate monetary funds. Instead, they can support the Academy in-kind by contributing their abilities and knowledge as trainers and coaches, providing workshops, organizing scholarship programs, and supporting the development of innovative curricula for TOT (Trainer of Trainers)and for students.

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