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Adriana Kotherja


My name is Adriana Kotherja(Dodbiba) and Im graduated in Economic Faculty in Finance Accounting in Elbasan 11 years ago. I started my work as a financier since I was in school in a big sales and production company. Continuing with experience for 4 years in a financial institution as a office manager and later as a loan analyst. During this period I have received various trainings in terms of management, social and technical skills that would be needed in my job but also in the future. The next 2 years experience was in an international organization that works with support projects for the category of people in need where my work consisted in keeping the office finances.
I like to work in ETG because Im feel like in my home. I’ve learned a lot from work here for 4 years. I feel fortunate to be surrounded by a good colleague and I think the sector of tourism is beautiful and each one of us should contribute to its development.
My free time is my best time for my family and also for myself. Usually I take care for my daughters, helping them to do their homework’s, spending time with them and for sure to make a lot of discussions. A part of my free time is going out with my best friends, having fun, drink a glass of wine, etc. What I like mostly is the nature, sports and for sure I love traveling. I am a very optimistic person and I try to take the best of the life and to live it as good as I can.
What I wish is to work together as a team to develop more our company in International Tourism.


Elbasan, Albania


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