Emotional Intelligence: “beat your own game” at work

The human mind remains the unmatched instrument to reach success in life. In the professional world, it has become the philosopher’s stone in our quest to understand success. We have come up with answers that have not always helped to explore the brilliant career path. Beat your own game at work

We see intelligence as a key feature in work and even though we have created systems to measure it, studies show that our intelligence quotient (IQ) explains only about 20% of our success in life. They also show other factors that complete the rebus.

Among these other factors, emotional intelligence it’s not well-known and ironically very important. In this article, we’ll create a fuller picture of emotional intelligence and we’ll try to explain how you can develop it and why serves a great deal to have an excellent career. Beat your own game at work

What is emotional intelligence?

To not make it too complicated, we can start by explaining that our mind works based on two different ways. In other words, we can say we have two minds, one to think and one to feel. We are built with emotions, which are strong impulses that make us take action without thinking or overthinking.

Problems arise when our emotions get the best of us and we don’t get to express them in the best way. Our brain is constructed from bottom to top (or from inside out). The medium part, the limbic system, is responsible for our existential emotions. This part of our brain also allows us to learn and remember, giving us the chance to adapt to new environments. Keep that in mind!

Our emotional reactions and why we can’t change them can be explained by the fact that our “mind to feel” develops ahead of the neocortex (the part of the brain responsible for thinking and perceiving).

Emotional intelligence it’s our way to answer differently to the primal instinct. So, EI it’s the ability to understand and control our emotions.

How do EI and a successful career link together?

Emotional intelligence it’s key to a great career. It develops important and healthy work behaviors:

  1. Nonverbal communication
  2. Self-awareness of our emotions
  3. Optimizing efficiency
  4. Career development
  5. Encouraging others to develop interpersonal skills.

These behaviors come as a result of the five EI components in the workplace, first studied by the psychologist David Goleman, whose very well-known bestselling book “Emotional Intelligence”, we recommend you read.

The five EI components in the workplace:

  1. Self-awareness: helps us understand our feelings. This helps us understand better how our emotions are perceived by others, giving us a clearer panorama of how our colleagues may see us.
  2. Self-regulation: helps with controlling and adapting our emotions. By creating a new approach, we keep a professional appearance.
  3. Motivation: the urge and desire to achieve something help with self-fulfilled emotions.
  4. Empathy: knowing and understanding others’ emotions helps us handle work situations better.
  5. Social skills: helps with communicating and interacting with others. Very important to develop your career!

How to develop emotional intelligence:

There are various ways to develop emotional intelligence. We have summed up some of the best and most commonly recommended ways:

  1. Journal: at the end of each work day write about how your day was, and how was work, it doesn’t matter if the results are positive or not. By writing everything down you can track behavior patterns.
  2. Do the 360-degree assessment: you can do this by getting feedback from the people you work with and reflecting on yourself. This way you can perceive more easily your strong features, and those not so strong.
  3. Practice active hearing: hear carefully what other people say, be part of the conversation, only like this you can form strong relations.
  4. Pay attention to your emotions: make an effort to understand what you feel and why you are feeling it. This is the only way, for you to later understand others.

BONUS: If you want to understand and practice emotional intelligence more, enroll in an online course or training.

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