The healthy and inspiring world of hiking: how to prepare

Amazing landscapes, the trees and soil’s aroma, a wonderful feeling of tranquility. Hiking has been one of the best recreational and healthy activities for a long time and aficionados keep being added to the list. Hiking is the best way to get away from this noisy world and the dynamics of work. You and nature, bonding, getting to know another aspect of yourself, appreciating the living world better, and challenging yourself to discover something new. Wouldn’t you love such a weekend?The healthy and inspiring world of hiking

Hiking it’s not just navigating in nature and even though anyone can try it, not everyone can withstand it. Read the article and get to know more about hiking and how to prepare for it.

First, a little bit more about hiking and its benefits

You don’t always do hiking, to have a good time and relax. That’s a good part of it, sure, but some people do it mostly for health reasons. The benefits of it for the human body:

  1. Minimizes the risk of heart diseases                                                                                                          (Helps better blood circulation)
  1. Lowers the blood pressure

(Also helps with hyper blood pressure)

  1. Fights diabetes

(Helps maintain blood pressure and insulin sensitivity)

  1. Helps with obesity

(You guessed it, burns calories)

  1. Lowers anxiety and depression levels

(Nature is a therapeutic environment, a natural boost of happiness)

  1. Improves sleep

(Gets you more vitamin D, which affects the sleeping cycle)

  1. Helps build muscle and protects the bones

(Activates muscles and slows down losing Calcium)

  1. Improves arthritis

(Helps the heart rate and reduces pain)

  1. Helps with your balance

(The land and terrain develop instincts and affect your physical force)


The fitness behind hiking

Some argue and articulate that preparing to go hiking, more than training, should be seen as a continuous investment in staying in shape. Fitness helps so much regarding staying in shape. These are some of the best exercises to always be in shape when you are about to go hiking:

Running and walking: daily habitual activity it’s the best way to keep the body alive and ready to intensify physical strain.

Try different dynamics of motion: do balancing exercises, and train the articulations and joints. This way you get prepared better for the terrain.

Crunches: train your physique for a good experience, not a painful one.

Squats and lunges: strengthen the body’s core muscles.

Push-ups: a powerful torso can carry heavier backpacks.

Cardio: enlarges your lung capacity and helps you hike longer.

Feel motivated and ready

Understandably, the idea of hiking can come around as disturbing and lead to anxiety. The path can be hard, maybe you don’t have enough experience, and you think it’ll be a burden. It all has to do with your attitude. If you change the way you think, then you’ll feel more motivated to do it. Pick your backpack carefully, take care of the food you’ll bring along, and choose wisely your footwear.

Before you set off, gather some kind of information about the place you’re visiting. Try to learn about it, to have some knowledge about the area, be able to talk about its features, why not ask around people who have been there before you. This can lead to good humor and a positive mindset.

Give yourself time to get ready. If you’re planning long journeys, possibly interacting in nature for a considerable period, get at least a month to prepare and select your gear.

Secure your feet!

When you go out hiking, you better make sure your feet feel comfortable, your footwear’s not too heavy, and above all, it can resist your encounter with nature. When it comes to hiking, footwear it’s one of the most important items. Experience can help you choose, but even those who don’t have long experience or want to start hiking, have options. The easiest thing you can do is to ask those familiar with it.

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