Front-End Developer

That creates layouts for applications and digital interaction using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.

Front-end Developer – Introduction

Related to computer science development, we have developers that work mainly with code and who build everything that’s visible in web apps and sites. The person after the creation of layouts or schema of applications is called a front-end developer.

A Front-End Developer uses sorts of frameworks or packages, such as jQuery, Angular JS/JS 2, React/BackboneJS, etc. These frameworks are based on the fundamental HTML and CSS that form also the foundation of the front-end development role. By using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS as basic languages, front-end development is said to be the practice of transforming the usual data into the graphical elements viewed by the end-user.

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What describes a good Front-end Developer?

A good and skilled front-end developer is someone:

  1. That has knowledge about what kind of development pattern including visual layout will be amiable by people largely. He/she makes use of CMS (Content Management Systems, and others like WordPress, Wireframing, etc.
  2. Who’s skilled in Cross-browser testing. Also, is skilled in testing between various platforms and devices, accessibility testing, units, etc.
  3. Who knows about search engine optimization (SEO) and SEMs, and how to interact with the interface designs.
  4. That has interpersonal capability to understand an organization’s strategy, character of the role, determined to deliver what is asked, and that can provide a perfect blend between strategy and front-end developer’s duties.

So, to state it shortly, a front-end developer should implement visual and interactive elements to make the user engaging easier and delightfully.

Skill required for the role

If you want to become a front-end developer, you’ll need to master the so-called languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A developer should also be well knowledgeable about the processing part, particularly with Cascading Style Sheets.

Of course, same as other developers, you should know how to write the code and be logically working in the project environment. Therefore, you’d have some experience in working with any version of controlling tools, i.e., GIT Subversion; be knowledgeable about continuous integration and continuous deployment tools, for example, TeamCity or Jenkins; and, also have some experience in various build tools such as Maven, Ant, etc. So, the ideal developer is not just one who is an expert in technology, but also the one who’s highly organized and works with an agile mindset.

Why a Front-end Developer?

Imagine a website about photographic cameras and you want to buy one but not be able to view the picture of the product with only having some look at it in some form of post APIs. As a normal user, you would be required to have some normal skills just to do simple actions. That’s why we need a front-end developer to give shape and visual to all that is happening at the backend. Here comes into play a front-end developer that gives life to the visual aspect of web apps or sites.


Front-end development is a technology that makes all happenings at the backend visually appearing so every user can interact easily between each task. Therefore, to make these happen, one must grow professionally, have an eye for details, and build technological knowledge around the position’s field.

Honestly, a front-end developer is the one that completes the web development, and this will not change for a long time.


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