Complete introduction to Graphic Design – Course Overview
(entire course duration is 100 sessions – 3 months)

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of graphic design: how to prepare your workflow, how to handle a “specific problem” and how to use “design thinking in a design process”. During this course, you will find an area of interest in one of the multiple disciplines of graphic design applications in the industry today.

During each part of the training, you will test yourself almost every day (since this course is mostly practical) and apply your skills throughout the entire course, especially on the final tasks given to you. 

The final test will demand you to manage an entire project completely from scratch. Your works will be presented to your classmates and voted by them and also the marketing department.

Course Curriculum
This course is divided into 3 major sessions:
Part One – Beginner`s guide to Graphic Design
Part Two – Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
Part Three – Introduction to Adobe Photoshop


Duration No. of participants Time Schedule
2 x 90 min /week (3 months) 4 Friday – 17:00 – 20:00 ,  Saturday 10:00-14:30

Part One – Beginner`s guide to Graphic Design

Section 1: Graphic Design theory
Section 2: Considering a career in Graphic Design
Section 3: Becoming a Graphic Designer
Section 4: Graphic Design and beyond

Part Two - Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Section 1: Introduction
Interface Introduction • Panels & Workspaces • Art boards • Vector basics • Selection & Direct selection tool • Fill & Stroke effects • Using Color Swatches / Pantone’s / Gradients & more
Section 2: Essential practice
Grouped vectors & Compounding vector shapes • Drawing with the Pen tool • Brush tool
Pencil tool & more • The Blob brush tool & Eraser tools
Section 3: Create a project
Setting up a document • Placing in a drawing • Sketch, Image trace tool for sketches • Tracing a hand drawn sketch & Converting to vector artwork • Compounding vector shapes & strokes Pathfinder Tool • Coloring a vector drawing • Adding type to a poster design

Part Three - Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Section 1: Introduction
Interface introduction • raster images • is_d_r • layers • common files types • color • handy tips
Section 2: Essential practice
Making selections • copy and paste • transform • brushes • eraser tool and layer masking • shape tool • type tool • layer styles • pen tool and paths • smart objects • adjustments • adjustment layers • filters • blending modes • saving
Section 3: Create a project : Origami Bird Logo creation
Assets folder • paper birds • textures • project brief • 3d paper type • origami bird logo • add type
Section 4: Final Artwork
Book cover • rainbow and clouds • paper bird • purple bird books logo • web banner

Assessment : Final Project from Scratch


23jan5:00 pmGraphic & Design


Course Curriculum

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  • 150.00
  • 90 Days
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