Career Orientation and Soft Skills

The first step towards a safe future

Living in a fast-pace society, becomes more difficult to overcome the market’s demands, let alone to go forward in a constant developing environment. Creating a safe future, however won’t be impossible, if you know where to ask help from.

If you have ever asked yourself why you keep finding it difficult to find employment, why you feel uncomfortable in your work environment, or clearly you regret your choices, than most definitely you have skipped CO and getting to know your SS.

We are showing you why career orientation (CO) and soft skill (SS) are the first important elements to build a successful future.

What is Career Orientation?

The way you handle yourself throughout your career, what you look for in a job, what jobs you choose and demands and necessities in order to be a productive professional, are the key elements that define Career Orientation. We all have preferences when it comes to our dream job: how/where/how much we want to work. Apart from this aspect that connects straight away to our desires, CO links one’s skills to find look out for and find a job, through research and hiring events. This last one, a truly important skill that provides results and sustainability for one’s career. But there is more…

What are Soft Skills?

To create a fuller picture of the job market, we must analyze the Soft Skills. They come as a set of skills that help before/during/after the working hours. If you are used to create your curriculum/profile based only on your academic achievements and prior working experiences, or solely depending on your talent, that is not enough. It’s important to understand that an employee gets defined not only by such criteria, but equally based on what he represents as a human being (values and ethics). This is where Soft Skills come in hand. Who are you? How do you behave? All your approaches and your behavioral palette against people and occurrences define your Soft Skills.

Why should students and parents know and invest in these notions?

The first important point of view that makes it pivotal knowing and investing in CO and SS it’s living in a fast rush trying to gain. It happens often that after finishing high school or university, students find themselves in difficult dilemmas, the answers to which affect their future and their lives. Today, the job market, always making progress, demands for practical individuals, with high chances of learning fast and efficiently.

The mentality on which the CO is based on, builds on the belief that the future is oriented towards specific jobs and professions. In order to be easier for one to get employed, fulfilling basic needs, as well as personal demands, the CO tempers new approaches and pulls down traditional notions on how you choose a profession. It develops the needed skills to get a job, based on what one knows can be delivered.

However, you still need more to get yourself a contract. Employers look for individuals with good Soft Skills, who are able to communicate nicely, prove to be practical in solution-finding, thin critically and are cooperative. You can be sure a long list of qualifications won’t get you the deal if you have a precedent of showing up late to work.

Here is a list with the most demanded Soft Skills employers look out for:

  1. Time management
  2. Communication
  3. Adapting
  4. Creativity
  5. Leadership
  6. Cooperation
  7. Work ethic
  8. Attention to detail

The other point of view, as important as all we have discussed above, is breaking traditional thinking. We can escape conventional notions, only if we decide not to follow.

Under this light, parents have an important duty: capital and mental investing in their children’s CO and SS, as they can’t always deal with it on their own. Parents prefer to invest in long terms for their children, chasing what they think will benefit them in life.

Career Orientation it’s the ideal investment, to make young people skillful and capable to navigate a brilliant career path. Expert orientation helps creating clearer ideas, more successful decision making and better employment possibilities understanding.

Being a lifelong process, it is recommendable that it starts early on. Lifelong experience and studies have shown that young people that have had CO have had it easier finding a job.

What we offer, is specialized orientation, not marginalized on the horizons of the traditional job market, but efficient in exploring the unlimited opportunities and how to make them yours in the best way possible.

How can we help you?

Our Career Orientation and Soft Skills course helps students with job seeking and retention skills through research and job search activities; helps students in the workforce improve their present work skills and expand career options; help students grasp the concept of balancing a career and a family.

The best way to create your future, is to build it!

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