Company Values of the Present and The Future

In the ever-changing landscape of business, the need to keep up with the time is always there. To satisfy this need, we adapt to whatever we need to keep our work going and our mission untouched. During adaptation, there is always a great moment of reflection on the values we represent and how we operate. In this article, we will explore the values companies are headed toward to have a better future.

Sustainability: Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability is a response to the growing environmental crisis we face today. Although not a brand-new concept, in the last decade, sustainability has proven to be an important policy for companies, and this tendency is likely to become even stronger in the future, with companies regulating and applying new green policies for themselves and the world. Sustainability has three pillars: Environment, Society, and Economy. Combined, if turned green, these three fundaments can change our future for the better. We all must do our part! Companies that apply sustainability reduce their negative impact on the environment but also lower costs.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Workplace for all

Companies need to create a fair and inclusive environment for all their employees. All should feel respected, valued, and supported. By this, we mean companies should address any biases or favoritism to optimize their working environment by promoting equality. No employee should be left out nor excluded from an opportunity because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. DEI translates into employees that are more motivated, creative, and innovative.

  1. Fishbone Diagram
  2. Pareto analysis
  3. Affinity diagrams

These techniques help you to structure the information and direct your focus to the roots of the problem.

Ethics and Integrity:

Ethics and Integrity are the pillars that build trustful relationships with your customers, suppliers, and shareholders. These two values stand for standards and can help companies build a positive public image, as well as a reputation for doing the right thing.

Social responsibility: Contributing to the community

Social responsibility intends to address environmental and social issues. Supporting causes and contributing to a better society is a value of great importance. Companies will increase their engagement in philanthropy in the future. There are two main benefits of this. Contributing to the community increases brand awareness and customer loyalty. Companies attract customers who share the same values as them.

Innovation: Embracing a new way of doing business

Companies need to invest in research and development of new technologies and business models. Although competitiveness is great, innovation is key to understanding customers’ and society’s changing needs. Innovation can create countless new opportunities and revenue streams.

Be open-minded, be positive, be visionary, be successful!

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