Cyber Security: Antidotal for the technological anarchy

In a world highly-dominated by technology and digital services, with companies, brands and people relying on them, cyber crime it’s an omnipresent threat, possibly the greatest disease that the internet has ever faced. Conditions have demanded for continuous cyber security reliability, but how is it to be understood and how does it help us?Antidotal for the technological anarchy


Cybernetics it’s the approach to study how various systems function using technology. However, even here an anti-purpose excists: unlawufuly getting acess to information, data and important content for personal use, which as you can imagine bare ill will.

The demand for cyber security comes from cybercrime:

Almost every known service to men today, operates mainly or partly through digital mediums. Large companies, governmental institutions, public services, private subjects, all depend on the inexhaustible data sources of the digital sphere, making possible normal functioning an regulations for them all. Cyber attacks mark personal and financial data, complicated security systems, important information. Cyber threats keep on getting bigger annually, striking harder, leaving greater consequences and producing huge public scandals that damage us a society in our entirety.

What is cyber security and why is it so important?

Cyber security represents all the applicable technologies that protect systems, programs, appliances and data from cyber-attacks.

Cyber security has critical importance for people: students and employes, or whoever has a credit card. For them, cyber security helps protecting their credentials and prevent massive heists.

For businesses and organizations, cyber security guarantees protection and data theft prevention. Thee have multiple cases, when because of cyber-attacks, companies have lost clients worth millions. Cyber security protects their financial data also.

For the banking sector, a possible breakthrough of their clients’ data or of the bank itself, means identity theft, colossal money losing and overall, their public image destroyed, something businesses and organizations fear too. 

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