Hotel management, challenging and great

Hotels are important objects of our society, brands widely-known for their image, prestige, excellent services, their ambiances and the aesthetic related with their names.Hotel management challenging and great

All above are the prime goals a hotel manager should achieve with their work. Managing a hotel though, it’s not a very easy job to do, intense and full with challenges.

What does a hotel manager do?

Managing a hotel encapsulates all the responsibilities related with the normal functioning of all activities, taking care of the everyday continuity of work. Hotels with intense activities deals with services, finance, food and beverages, marketing, reservations, planning et cetera.

How do you do it?

Although the primary duty of a hotel manager is to deal from really close with any problem there may exist in the hotel, it’s almost impossible to do it all by yourself in the middle of such complex serving structures. Because of this, many hotels operate with managers cooperating with head of sectors, whom report anything important to them. Great, don’t you think? Truly? …. kind of. Why?

 The job of a hotel manager mostly can be described as: putting constant pressure on everyone. You get to be the bad guy, but let’s face it, you can’t be simply happy and cheerful with thousands of employees.

In a nutshell: hotel managers supervise how a hotel works.

Again, not truly.

What is demanded:

  1. Managing hotel services
  2. Oversee events and conferences
  3. Solve any problem that may rise
  4. Interlink with contractors and renovations
  5. Maintain cooperation and compliance

What are the main responsibilities?

Financial responsibilities: hotels want to gain, so managers should follow financial strategies, tracking how much money is spent, revenues, analyze sales figures, reports and keep records.

Leading a successful team: hotels cannot be functional without their staff and hotel managers should do anything to create a good climate through colleagues, be motivational, notice talented employes and provide continuous training. A hotel manager should be able to deal with absences and try to keep the employes by investing in them in cooperation with HR.

Provide an amazing experience for guests: a hotel manager should be very welcoming and should take care closely, detail-oriented to solve their problems. They should also be watchful for the competition and the newest technological advancements, in order to create real connections with their clientele.

Preserve the reputation: to make client want to come back, managers must build a presence around the hotel’s name, using marketing, creating an online presence too, getting attention through offers and responding immediately to any questions or dissatisfaction.

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