How and why nurture healthy work relationships?

Work can get a very harsh and challenging environment, but your days won’t get unbearable if you create good relationships with your colleagues, based on understanding and professionalism.How and why nurture healthy work relationships?

Lived experience and several studies, as well as publications show that healthy work relationships have multiple benefits, projecting from personal to collective.

Why are healthy work relationships important?

There are reasons why healthy work relationships are effective and give amazing feedback:

  1. Teamwork: a good relationship with your colleagues increases the possibility for your teamwork to be more pleasant, consequently increasing the possibilities for your teamwork to be excellent.
  2. High spirits: colleagues who get along and don’t make your life hard, affect the collective high spirits, why not in company moral, creating a motivating environment.
  3. Effectiveness and work satisfaction: a conflict free environment helps you be more productive and better at what you do, being professionally satisfied.
  4. Personal growth: to have good working relationships translates to less stressing over matters that take away time from your own professional growth.


How to built healthy relationships at work?

Communicate often

Communicate every chance you get with your colleagues. This way you make sure to get updates about everything that concerns your mutual work and you also get to build a long lasting relationship.

Create trustworthiness

A colleague who doesn’t believe in you won’t show any sign of interest to create a good working relationship. Respect the deadlines, be serious, respect and understand.

No one likes tea

No colleagues you spread words about won’t look at you nicely! We think that’s enough to understand that gossip won’t grace your work figure, neither that of your colleagues!

Support your colleagues

There are days when a nice word it’s enough to inspire and encourage new efforts and energies. Help your colleagues as much as you can, but be careful not to do their work!

Play by the unwritten rules

In every work environment exist unwritten rules (company guidelines) on how to work. Knowing and applying them considerably improves your relationship with your colleagues.

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