On-set electricians: Let there be light!

The magic screen of cinema remains to this day one of the favorite forms of escapism in a world where the plot, the aesthetic and the message all intertwine. Meryl Streep has shared that when she was a young actress someone once said to her: “You look the mark on the floor, right? If you stay on it, the light will hit you and you may be part of the film.”On-set electricians: Let there be light!


There is a special group of people on the world of film and TV productions, without whom action can not be taken. These are on-set electricians, whom make sure no part of your favorite actor’s face remains on the dark.

What does an on-set electrician do?

On-set electricians have an advantage: their duties are well defined. They care for the equipment and electric lighting on a filming set or location. Sounds easy, right? Well… on-set electricians have their challenges.



More about on-set electricians:

Their groups have a gaffer, who manages and leads the hole work process while filming. Among other things, on-set electricians must make sure all departments have power and must set up lights for every shot. They better be flexible and adapt well, as every gaffer have their way of working and usually asks to work on a specific way. Some may ask you to stay on set with them all the time, while others may want only their special boys and others may assist with equipment when needed.

Why is lightning on set so important?

Lightning communicates with the spectator, creates atmosphere, mood, contributing on the artistic experience. Lightning it’s a powerful tool to evoke feelings inside the viewer. It smooths, sharpens what we see on screen, helps not only in creating a beautiful esthetic product, but also in developing an idea and a message. Lightning also helps on character development, as certain lightning we connect with values attributed to specific characters.

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