On-set sound assistants: the voice of your favorite production

Given the name, we think it’s understandable that on-set sound are the people who help that the voice gets heard loud and clear. Without much else to add, let’s see what on-set sound assistants actually do and what qualities must they have.On-set sound assistants

What do they do?

Sound assistants generally assist the voice recorder in Tv and movie productions. They must make sure everything is going according to plan and safely. Though they do different things, the common thing a sound assistant does, it’s loading and unloading necessary equipment on recording/shooting sets, or wherever it’s needed. They set up mics and run cables safely and strategically.

Their duties sometimes get assigned based on their experience. New assistants change batteries, secure cables, or prepare coffee/tea, but older sound assistants are trusted with monitoring the hole voice-recording process.On-set sound assistantsOn-set sound assistants

If trouble comes, because of unwanted noises, sound assistants should get everything clear, fast and effectively, so that the recording doesn’t get disturbed. At the end, they should inventory and see if any equipment is missing.On-set sound assistants

Qualities and criteria:

  1. Excellent technical knowledge
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Resourcefulness
  4. Good precepting skills
  5. Health and safety
  6. Communication

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