Painting, why is it so good for you:

Visual art and self-expression have haunted us since the beginnings. From cave paintings depicting the daily life of the prehistoric people, to the art movements that have made history, among all disciplines, painting is the most celebrated. Before we dig a little deeper, let’s understand why painting has this effect on people and why many of them decide to use it to Express anything.


Painting: Mean or Purpose? Both?

Many may ask why some of the most famous paintings in the world hold the status. Visual art serves as as e medium where the artist portrays society as he sees it, brings it in its truest form, and consequently art provokes and evokes feelings in us, challenges the common perceptions, raises questions, holds answers, portrays our inside with such expressing power, shaking man to its core. Painting, advantaged by its process of creation, captures all one may want to say, using visual language.

So… how can you paint?

Painting it’s a long and complicated process, commonly separated in two phases. The first important phase is imagining what you want to deliver, painting it in your mind what you want to see finished. The second phase, it’s the execution of the first. Here, all the knowledge about painting comes in hand. Techniques, combining, tonalities, projection, optic illusions, conceptual deconstructions. The thing about painting is that has no set boundaries of what can be, what can not be.

Everyone can paint, art is free. However, every art has rules, so genuine painting, develops amongst rules and cultivated artistic approaches. If you desire to truly paint, than educate yourself, through courses, schools, history and the present.

Why painting is healthy?

The process of painting is meditative, allows reflecting and communicating with the world and yourself, demonstrating the world inside you through the brushes. It is much more than paint strokes on the canvas: it deals with searching within yourself, wrecking the mind barriers, resulting in the clean portrayal of what we think.

On the other hand, painting has benefits for the mental health. Those who paint have a very good stress-relief rate. It has also been proven, that people who paint have lower chances to suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s. On the contrary, painting sharpens our memory and helps with concentration.

Last, when you paint you have a high window, from where to look inside yourself. When you paint you feel happier, stimulate your creativity and the eyes see in more colors, in all senses of the word.

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