Professional Development Course in Programming, Java (Oracle)

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The National Employment and Skills Agency, in collaboration with Oracle Academy, the Ministry of Finance, and Elite Academy, has opened applications for the professional training course “Java (Oracle).”

This course offers an excellent opportunity for education, professional development, and employment. Java is one of the most sought-after programming languages in various industries such as finance, technology, education, healthcare, and the government sector.

Don’t miss this opportunity to kickstart your career in the world of programming.

Java (Oracle) Course is suitable for:

  • Individuals who have completed high school or a Bachelor’s degree in one of the branches in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Job seekers.
  • Fast-track employment opportunities, including paid internships (for those with high performance).
  • Individuals looking to advance their careers in the field of programming.

The course starts on Monday, December 4, 2023, and has a duration of 3 months. Classes will be held in the Elite Academy premises.

Adress: Rr. “Kozma Naska”, Nr: 33/6, Elbasan

To apply, please click on the link below:


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