Set construction sets the mood for a great creative production.

If you ever desired to live on the location of your favorite movie or series, we are sorry to disappoint, but what you are looking for is probably a room with three walls. However, we must admit that at times we have been in ow of the rooms and furniture of the main character, or we’ve deeply admired the mood and the ambiance of where the story develops.Mood for a great creative production

There is a very important sector in the world of cinematographic and televised production that creates the world the director thinks of and helps in creating the very important elements to transmit as it should the world we see. Set construction combines creative abilities with detailed planning to turn fantasy in reality.Mood for a great creative production

Why set construction is important:

If the actors’ game is the highest scale of valuing that gives a production its name and success, filming sets are the main accessory that accompanies the production and creates the general esthetical idea about it. A filming set done wrong can make people think the budget was low, the work put in unprofessional and that the creation is unworthy of watching. Other productions, with good filming sets based on the script, the mood and the vibe that are meant to be delivered create a fuller picture and do the job right. Theatre, television, movie makers rely on sets to create a unique dimension, where everything goes perfectly and the creating elements match perfectly. In certain cases, sets get as much attention as the actors and the plot: the corridor (“The shining”), the avatar world (“Avatar”), almost every filming set (“The Game of Thrones”), are some of the greatest examples of brilliant movie sets that have remained in history.

Constructing the set:

Set construction is artificially creating suitable scenery to be filmed by cameras. Creative directors and directors work with set designers to create sets that basically are miniature worlds that are adapted to the story and the characters. It is very important that these sets do not get looked over, but get created with care and attention to detail.

Planning and studying the script:

The first thing to be done to construct a set is the planning and that can’t be done without the designer reading and analyzing the script.

Scripts contain important information on the story, the characters and the plot. It’s demanded that detailed notes are taken from the script. These notes should be about:

  1. The setting – the time, the place and the ambiance
  2. Necessary props
  3. The mood – which will later affect choosing the color palette.
  4. The set dimensions – if there are plenty of actors and the set is small than filming will be awkward, but if the set is too big and not a lot of actors involved, they’ll be lost in the emptiness.
  5. Constructing from scratch or use a previous set.

Involving the director’s ideas and demands:

Because everything rotates around the ideas inside the director’s mind, the set designer should work with them closely. Throughout this process the director should be asked about the tone, the mood, the themes and the color palette, the budget and any extra props not mentioned in the script.

Creating a mock-up:

In order to understand how the set will look, a prior model helps. There are different ways to come up with one:

  1. Photos and images: searching and studying various imagery, a collage with pictures displaying furniture, ambiance and colors that resemble the designer’s idea can be made.
  2. Drawing: this way needs an architectural design of how the set is going to look. To achieve this, a general plan, scaled images and scenery imagery are asked for.
  3. Getting inspiration from previous productions: getting inspired by other productions can create an idea of how the set would look like and parallel strings get pulled on what has been done before and what can overcome it.

Building from scratch or not:

This is the most important decision when it comes to constructing a set, as it will affect the budget, the filming and the process itself. Both alternatives have their advantages as well as their disadvantages. Such a decision gets made with the director almost every time.

Building from scratch: constructing a set from nothing gets you the absolute freedom over the design process. Usually, a three walled room gets constructed with all the needed props inside. The filming crew, than uses the space of the “forth wall” to film. Though this alternative is totally creative, costs too much and needs time to come around as it should.

Filming on location: here, a pre-existing location gets turned into a filming set. Costs less and gets done faster, but you must make sure you have the permission to film and the set won’t get changed while not filming. You also should make sure everything and everyone can get in.

Creating the budget plan:

It’s crucial the to plan the budget. It’s not nice, nor professional for the money to get all spent as the construction is still on an and to be able to complete it with all the needed props and details.

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