The benefits of hands-on learning: why hands-on experience is key to success

We believe you have heard more than once during your schooling that the real world is nothing like the classroom or the theory of the books and that you will face situations that won’t ever need theoretical solutions. Although this is not entirely true, practice is an approach of educational systems that helps a lot after finishing academic studies.The benefits of hands-on learning
Practical learning has a pivotal role in the formation and complete preparation of students to adapt more smoothly to their jobs, as it not only helps in the perception of real-life models and situations but creates skills and expressions of great value along the way that help them to succeed in their professional, but also personal life.

Top reasons why hands-on learning is a formula for success:

  1. Improves retention and recall of knowledge

Because hands-on learning stimulates the use of many senses, it helps to remember or retain information and knowledge because our brain associates it with touching, seeing, and hearing. We all turn our heads when we hear a familiar voice because our brain associates it with a sign that our senses have picked up.

  1. Improves critical thinking

Practical learning confronts real situations that require solutions. In this way, students can apply their knowledge to solving a real-life problem enabling problem-solving, creative and innovative skills.

  1. More motivation and engagement

Contrasting hands-on learning with traditional learning, the former is more motivating and engaging, as we feel some sense of fulfillment and satisfaction after completing a task or project. These two components (motivation and engagement) help in better concentration, resulting in more productive learning.

  1. More prepared at work

Experience and practical skills gained from hands-on learning are valuable components of success on the job. We bet you’ve heard hundreds of times that “someone with experience is needed.” Well, hands-on learning provides that experience.

  1. Better interpersonal skills

Hands-on learning pits students against each other, and they must work together to succeed. Such experiences develop communication, leadership, and teamwork skills, all highly valued by employees.

Extra – Benefits of practical skills (gained from practical learning):
  1. Greater profits
  2. They give you a hand with applications
  3. They give you work experience
  4. Facilitate freelancing
  5. Enrich your education
  6. Encourage cooperation


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