Transfer Driver: gets you on your destination on time, safe and comfortably.

Despite the general point of view of transportation only as a service and sometimes a luxury, we must keep in mind that it’s an actual job. In this article we are going to see what does a transfer driver do, what qualifications do they have and why do most people prefer them.

What does a Transfer Driver do?

A transfer driver is an individual, qualified and employed by a traveling agency, who’s only duty is taking a tourist or a group of them on time, safe and professionally to their destination. Be careful, a transfer driver is not to be compared or confused with a through-guide, a person that besides being a guide, does the transportation also.

Criteria and qualification:

  • Communication standard and customer service
  • Ethical conduct, uniform, personal and vehicle hygiene
  • Apps, orientation, correct navigation, maps and directions
  • Communication with colleagues, documents, records, service managing apps
  • Rules and national and international security standards

Why do people prefer it:

Firstly, transfer drivers are ideal for families of big groups of people. No one wants to wait in traffic, or waste valuable time trying to get a taxi.

On the other hand, a transfer driver comes with a well-organized and correct plan. Everything is planned, making delays or eventualities almost impossible, ideal even for business trips.

Another convenience it’s the client-dedicated service a transfer driver represents. Anything can be adapted to clients’ needs and demands. Tranquility, comfort and safety are guaranteed.

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