Travel Agents: easygoing, fast and on point

How many of us are interested in the position of the person who hands us the tickets for the next trip? Well, those of you who want to know what a travel agent is and want to be in this job in the future, you can read everything you need to know below.


What does a travel agent do?

Travel agents are employees who plan trips for clients or companies that provide services. In practice, a travel agent is tasked with helping with hotel reservations, including guides and other services for travelers: everything that we get in the form of a physical or electronic ticket.

Basically, a travel agent is a salesperson who works for a travel agency and deals with the details of planning a trip.

What are the responsibilities of a travel agent?

  1. Business promotion and marketing
  2. Dealing with customer’s queries and complaints
  3. Orientation on visas and passports
  4. Recruitment, training and supervision of staff
  5. Budget management
  6. Keeping financial and statistical data
  7. Planning
  8. Selling travel packages and insurances

Is there more?

Usually, it is preferred that travel agents have a sense of liking and enthusiasm about traveling. Being the faces of the companies, they must make sure to express the mood and vision that the brand they work for wants to convey.

Moreover, agents should have a good sense of knowing marketing strategies and should understand the different natures of people. Good communication skills, calmness and availability are very important qualities for a travel agent.

A good travel agent must be able to manage time and deadlines well, as there are clients who have very limited time periods for their travels.

Some of the basic skills required of a travel agent:

  1. Excellent skills in using digital reservation systems and other digital systems related to travel.
  2. Fluency in English (knowledge of many languages is an advantage)
  3. Good sales and promotion skills.

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