Turn your workplace into your happy place: 8 tips from our colleagues.

When we think of our happy place, we tend to think of a memory or place generally associated with a feeling where the mood, the people, and what we do are the best for us. But have you thought that the workplace can also become your happy place?

It is natural that work causes us stress and feeling of discomfort, but turning it into a satisfying place where we surround ourselves with good emotions in different ways can make it a real source of bits of happiness. Remember that happiness in the workplace is also responsible for increased levels of fulfillment and satisfaction in life, influencing your lifestyle as well.Turn your workplace into your happy place

Here’s what our colleagues suggest:

  1. Listen to a lot of music

A pair of headphones is all you need to get in a good mood. Music helps you focus, inspires you, and makes you happy. Our colleagues say that during a difficult task, music helps them focus and makes it easier to find solutions. Listening to your favorite artist gives you joy. A tip, keep one of your ears out, so you won’t miss any calls.

Here’s what I’m listening to right now: Lana del Ray’s playlist.

  1. Set a meaningful wallpaper on the computer you work on

A meaningful wallpaper on your computer can bring you to your senses whenever you feel like you can’t go on. A loved one, a goal, a desire, a dream vacation, just a picture that reminds you why you work and why you love what you do. Images have the power to inspire us, to make us smile. Make sure the company you work for doesn’t have any rules against this.

  1. Go to work with a positive mindset

Thinking is half of reality. You’re not doing yourself any favors if you start each workday with a heavy feeling of impatience to get home. Work on yourself to have a positive mindset. At work, where you are sure to face awkward and tiring situations, being optimistic helps you overcome challenges more easily and increases your productivity.

  1. Use your free time to indulge yourself

Do you have ten minutes to spare? Open the book you are currently investing yourself in and read five or ten pages. Turn on the computer and get informed about an issue that interests you. When you spend your free time productively, you feel less stress and anxiety, and you don’t automatically see the place or the work process in a gray spectrum. Our colleagues recommend reading, going out to get some fresh air, or having conversations with each other.

  1. Take your favorite food to work

Love passes through the stomach. This axiomatic idiom does not exclude your work experience either. The palette of food flavors ignites feelings of pleasure in us, brings back memories, and pleases us. During the next lunch break, we suggest you take a healthy meal with you, preferably home-cooked and which is synonymous with your food tastes.

  1. Keep a little curiosity notepad (Laura’s curiosity notepad)

Our colleague Laura presents us with an original idea that is very fruitful for her. There are many opportunities for you to learn new, interesting things at work, useful for the life you have outside work, so keep a notebook of curiosities where you can mark everything you don’t want to escape your mind.

  1. Sometimes, ask Chat GTP for a focused and accurate answer

When you need fast, focused, and relevant information, turn to Chat GTP, but don’t fall into the trap. Your work is YOUR work to do.

  1. Fill your desk with things that represent you

If the minimalistic style is not for you, an empty table is an ideal tableau to fill with things that represent you. Giving an identity to the space where you work makes you feel comfortable and satisfied.

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