Waiters/Waitresses: the most frequently asked questions (so you can know anything about them)

You have gone out for a nice dinner during your holidays, your view is fascinating, you can feel the breeze, faded noises in the background, and there it comes, a smiley face, polite and ready to serve you. Feels always very nice to experience a warm welcome and good customer service.
Let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions about waiters/waitresses and explore their job.

What does a waiter/waitress do?

Waiters and waitresses provide excellent dining experiences through watchfulness ang great costumer service. In fact, they do numerous things: provide menu information, serve, collect payments etc.


What are a waiter/waitresses’ duties and/or responsibilities?

It’s easier to list some of their duties, so here we go:

  1. Greeting and escorting costumers to their tables
  2. Presenting and providing information about the menu (when asked)
  3. Preparing tables
  4. Taking accurate orders
  5. Delivering checks and collecting payments

Note that there are many more services a waiter/waitress does.

What requirements does a waiter/waitress need to meet?

  1. Other experience as a waiter/waitress (varying by the employer request)
  2. Attentiveness and patience
  3. Practical experience with working systems (cash register, ordering information system, etc.)
  4. Effective communication skills
  5. Active listening skills
  6. Satisfying presenting skills
  7. High-school diploma
  8. PLUS: Training

How to know a waiter/waitress is good?

Good waiters/waitresses have a friendly personality and display willingness to serve and be helpful to the clients. Interpersonal and multitasking skills help them a great deal.

Who does a waiter/waitress work with?

Waiters/waitresses commonly work with colleagues and can report to a supervisor, depending on the working outlet.

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