Professional techies and the qualities

5 Abilities that define Professional Techies

Nowadays, technology pushes forward the economies of the world. It has become key to the transformation of our jobs and their environments. It is growing rapidly which means that there is an unprecedented demand for professionals related to technological capabilities.  

Technology is common in every industry, business, government entity, and educational institution in the world. Therefore, technological transformation is leading the way in every working systems and environments. Even though, employers are seeking for professionals with a broad range of skills, and it may sound stressful to achieve these, everyone has the ability to thrive.

All skills are connected one with another, and they form a nest of progressive abilities that help to achieve a level of professionalism in every discipline. The only thing necessary is the willingness to learn and love the work you do.   

Positive attitude

being reliable

There are some things that should be unwavering. You can tell a lot about someone by whether or not they stick to their word, and it just shows that you have integrity.

If you say you are going to do something, do it. Whether it is turning up on time, meeting a deadline, or holding to a promise. And if you feel or know that you cannot commit to something for a good and valid reason, speak up. It is better to be sincere and try hard to compensate than to over-promise and fail to deliver. In the workplace, just like in your personal life, when you let other people down, the person you are most letting down is yourself.

Field Competence

Being a competent professional, as a techie, is the bedrock of professionalism. If you are pursuing a Cisco certification or already have one, chances are that you take yourself seriously as a competent professional. So, keep up the momentum by striving to be an expert in your field and ensure your understanding and capabilities are always up to date.

Here’s how to tell:

-Be competent in your job

-Stay up to date with industry skills and knowledge

-Pursue a Cisco certification

-Make sure you understand your capabilities and make sure they are always up to date.

contribute in knowledge

Is knowledge-sharing important to you? If so, how do you demonstrate that? Do you offer to help a colleague who is having trouble with something, or do you keep your knowledge to yourself in the hopes of gaining some sort of advantage later on? Professional techies

What happens when a job goes well? Do you hog the limelight, or are you quick to point out the contribution that others have made? Sharing is a function of team sportsmanship, and it is a key element of being professional in your demeanor. Being supportive of others is a cue that you take the collective goals of your organization seriously and that you are willing to collaborate and contribute fully to everyone’s success. It is also a really key part of leadership.

be always ready

Being ready is having a mindset that allows you to predict problems and either avoid them to happen or have ready a solution when the problem commits. Being professional – and ambitious in your career – is usually linked to a willingness to progress in your field. It is a measure not only of your commitment, but also of your intelligence, your initiative, and the added value you can bring to an organization. Think creatively not only about what a better solution or approach might be but also for yourself to expand the range of experiences and techniques.

stay positive

Mind and energy of your thoughts are the key component to your state of being at work. Work sometimes is exhausting and this makes you to channel to pessimism without noticing it. However, there are techniques that help you to keep yourself lifted up even when thing go wrong. One of these techniques is channeling your thoughts to the opportunities to learn, grow, contribute and achievements that the working place has to give you. Setting up these kinds of thinking within you, as practice of the day, turns you back to the state of being optimistic.


As professional techies, you are a natural problem-solver, so go with that. Seek out the challenges and find the means to overcome them. No job or career is ever problem-free, but keep your focus on the positive, learn to deal with issues that arise with confidence as well as assertiveness, and strive for personal excellence. Your attitude and approach will make a huge difference in your professional successes.

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