Digital Marketing Manager

The elements that comprise it have been around for a long time.

What is a Digital Marketing Manager?

While the name “digital marketing” is relatively new, the elements that comprise it have been around for a long time.

Digital marketing managers build, plan and manage marketing programs that promote a company’s brand, goods, and services. Their responsibilities include campaign design, metric analysis, and trend identification. They usually have a background in art direction and social media.

What does a Digital Marketing Manager do?

He does the plan and executes a digital marketing strategy to promote a brand, goods, or services across all digital marketing platforms. The function also entails supervising the other professionals in the digital marketing team.

In most cases, he is in charge of the digital marketing department. Each digital marketing channel has its own manager inside the department.

A digital marketing manager performs daily tasks, such:

• SEO – everything related to SEO campaigns
• Content Marketing Supervision – this includes content in any form that allows you to do anything online
• Social Media Performance – monitoring social media tools to promote online stores or businesses
• Paid Advertising – create and manage ads on Google, Facebook, or other platforms that significantly affect any marketing campaign
• Check and send emails – design email marketing strategy, and monitoring of emails
• Mobile Marketing – building mobile marketing strategy

Education & Certification

Education is necessary to working as a digital marketing manager. Having a proper education in digital marketing is a plus, but not strictly required to work as a digital marketing manager. The most important part of your skills is to build experiences around the field, and an excellent knowledge in SEO management. 

There are courses related to digital marketing that will help to attain the right knowledge around the field. After concluding the course, you can chase an accredited digital marketing certification to prove that you have the right skills to work as a digital marketing manager.

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Experience is essential for pursuing a career in digital marketing. 

This is required for two reasons:

The primary reason is to launch effective campaigns. To maximize the success of your campaigns, you must put in a lot of practice and testing.

The second purpose is to effectively manage the specialists on your team. It is not enough to have people management abilities to head a digital marketing team; you must also have technical expertise.


Digital Marketing Manager Skills

He should have strong communication and organizational skills, additionally to technical and team management abilities.

A marketing manager is supposed to do the following tasks:

• Speaking with the client – Communicate with the client and explain the benefits of digital marketing in general, as well as the benefits and profits for their enterprises.
• Create a digital marketing plan – Use all of the tools in his arsenal to develop a comprehensive web marketing campaign.
• Inform the client and other relevant parties about the plan – Explain the plan to the customer and any other parties that are interested (for example, the experts and managers in his team).
• Monitor plan execution – Keep an eye on the implementation of the digital marketing strategy to ensure that everything is done correctly and on schedule.
• Improve the approach for even greater outcomes – Improving the plan based on current results.

Digital Marketing Manager Salary

What do digital marketing managers get paid? According to a recent survey, the average annual income of a Digital Marketing Manager is $97K.
How much you may make relies on a variety of factors, including your expertise, the size of the firm you work for, the sort of customers you work with, and your success stories.

Unlike ‘offline’ marketing, everything in digital marketing is measurable, and digital marketing managers with a track record of growing traffic and business conversions are more likely to earn more than managers who merely know the theory.

Digital Marketing Salary 2020

How to Become a Digital Marketing Manager?

Digital marketing is a practical notion, not a theoretical one. It is not enough to understand the theory underlying the various digital marketing tactics; you must also understand how to use them.

A digital marketing manager must have practical abilities, which implies that attending a Digital Marketing degree is an excellent beginning point but not sufficient.
Our advice on how to become a digital marketing manager is as follows:

• Work as a SEO Expert – Educate yourself and learn everything you can about SEO. You can practice by creating your own website.
• Understanding of social media and their tools – Explore the ways they work with advertisements and promotions.
• Become an expert on Google Ads – Get certified on Google Ads.
• Become a master on email and content marketing – Good content is a must for a campaign’s success.
• Learn about Google Analytics – Learn and practice everything about Google analytics.
• Get some trainings from experienced digital marketing – Find entry-level digital marketing job in a business with experienced managers, and learn from them.

It takes time to build experiences around the field, as in every job. However, having the right attitude will help you to achieve the required skills to become a digital marketing manager.


A digital marketing manager must not only be a specialist in one digital marketing field but also have a variety of abilities related to the various marketing methods. You may promote a website online, as well as skills related to planning, project supervision, and team management.

Relating to experienced digital marketing managers, you need to have a solid understanding of SEO before you become a digital marketing manager.

It will be extremely tough to become a great digital marketing manager if you do not have a solid SEO foundation.

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