To Provide help or support to customers or clients

IT Help Desk Technician

In this article, we’ll look closely at help desk technician job responsibilities, as well as the skills you might need to land a help desk job.

What is an IT Help Desk Technician?

Is someone whose responsibilities are to provide help or support to customers or clients of a company, typically over the phone or via the internet. 

Thus, we can find virtually the technician in every sector or industry, extending from telecommunication firms to financial institutions to small and large-scale companies, etc. In fact, everything around this role is based on the principles of customer care and relationship. 

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Therefore, the IT help desk technician has a good understanding of the activities or dealings of the industry he represents. This is necessary for the technician to be more effective in the response or/and solve problems of clients without being in personal contact with anyone. And, this role requires a 24-hours presence. So, most of the times the technician doesn’t work alone. He/she usually works as part of a team of help desk technicians or officers.

Generally, an IT help desk answers client’s questions and offers advice/solution on issues they encounter during the use of services or products. He/she offers ways to solve technical problems and create values for clients and upholding company’s reputation at all times.

Duties & Tasks

help desk duties

The nature of the help desk technician job may differ from client to client. In some cases, it may be similar as well. As a matter of fact, the IT technicians carry many functions to ensure a smooth service delivery at all times.

So, these are some examples of the type of tasks and duties that an IT help desk technician usually carries out within a company or business.

  • Is as the first point of contact for all clients that have issues related to a firm’s product or services
  • Assisting customers or clients in any problem-solving process
  • Makes sure that each complain or inquiry is well-attended to by the right support personnel
  • Responsible for providing the best solution to any problem based on customer’s complaints or questions
  • Provides accurate information about the product or service bang asked of
  • Keeps a clear and accessible record-sheet of events and their solutions in selected logs usually for reference purpose
  • Identifies issues by bringing up suggestions regarding possible improvements on general practices

Required skills and knowledge

There are certain requirements and qualifications that an applicant of the IT help desk technician role must have at first. Moreover, these skills include:

  • Possession of excellent communication skills on all levels
  • Must have good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to understand the need to be patient with people
  • A good understanding of customer service rules
  • Proficiency in the English language
  • Good problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Ability to handling phone and understanding computer-based systems
  • Experience in a similar role
  • Team Collaboration skills
  • A degree in any IT-related field

Final thought

The information given in this article elaborate the IT help desk technician role and its responsibilities. This is useful to both levels of employment, entry-level and advanced one.

As you understand, the role of an IT help desk technician has a great impact on the customer’s satisfaction with a firm’s product or services and is very effective in maintaining the company’s reputation over times. The technician is a vital part of any business and institution that aims to keep a stable and on-grow character.

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