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Project Management and Advantages of Costumer Services Skills for Techies

Someone may ask – what do management and services share with one-another? How these two professions contain skills that are best for a tech knowledge person?

On one side, Project Management consists of soft skills which are essential to every industry, job and profession. One of these is communication which is also as core to the success of Costumer Services. On the other side, both directions are leaded by good problem-solving persons. Therefore, you should start from these two skills in order to begin expanding the range of your other skills and put yourself on future employer’s radar, increase your performance and career in the tech industry.

Let’s take a look in each profession.

Project Management Skills – key points

Technical project, also projects in general, requires a combination of tech, business and communication skills into one professional synthesis. These skills accompanied by cool head-attitude are essential to develop and maintain schedules while ensuring you’re meeting milestones. You just need to imagine the process of the development of a secure network undergoes to easily understand what I’m stating here. After imagining this, place it on a larger scale with more components to deal with and you get now the idea of project manager role. Project Management and Advantages

The project manager typically carries the weight of responsibility without necessarily heaving over members of the project team. Adding to this, managers also need to develop strong and democratic abilities like negotiation and team-building, to get all the project done successfully.

Here are a few transferable skills that you can leverage toward becoming a technical project manager:

Scope of the project: You should be able to see the big picture. Imagine a work of art, its many different elements and how much important is the balance between all the subject and the background to accomplish the creative strive. The same goes for ‘seeing the big picture’ in the project you deliver.

Active Listening: Practice active listening to gain insight and truly understand the needs or message of all project stakeholders.
Critical Thinking: Make prompt, informed and fact-based decisions for the good of the project in order to find value.
Organization: Technical project managers are the ones who often focus on agenda, schedules, frameworks and methodologies, as well as communicating tasks, updates, progress and blockers.
Problem Solving: Assess issues from different vantage points and formulate the best solution in addressing specific challenges.
Self-Motivation: The technology project manager should be the person with the highest level of commitment and motivation to see it through from start to finish.
Relationship Building: Establish a collaborative culture where people with unique personalities and skills happily work together towards a unified goal.
Teamwork: Ensures effective outcomes with accountability and meeting realistic deadlines to complete a project. Project Management and Advantages
Strong Business Communication: Use the right language, tone and storytelling techniques when communicating, describing or explaining issues over email, chat, reports, presentations and other forms and channels of communication.

The best way to develop these skills is by putting yourself into the state of mind that you want and can do it, and this comes first. After, you need to work practically, in your working environment, by attending to trainings related to, open to learn and accompanied by the attitude of the leader you would like to become.  

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Customer services – key skills
In the working field, many of us have our first jobs working in a customer related to services role. This experience can truly give us an edge when it comes to landing the first technical role.

Tech recruiters give a special value on professionals who know to interface with customers and have experience doing so. The value that these professionals bring with them to a job, a role or a company is not only in the best of the business but also differentiate those from other contenders.

You might be wondering, the types of attributes and competencies recruiters, employers, managers, and directors look for in candidates. So, what can you do to acquire them?

React with a Calm Attitude: Think about how you feel to be left on the end of a phone waiting for answer. By saying so, this makes it a function that most of us take our tech for granted. When something goes wrong we get angry. Isn’t it true? Often as not, when interfacing with customers/clients, you will encounter irate people. Or confused people. Or people with any number of questions. Dealing with people requires empathy and patience. And above all, professionalism. Keeping this front of mind and making a commitment to offer the same level of service, no matter what.

One method to approach for a solution at hard moments is to think and tray to find ways to: how can you transform a difficult stranger onto a satisfied customer?

Another practice that is essential in controlling your nerves and short response of emotions is to take a deep breath to refocus yourself and approach the situation with calm. Calm mind gives you the open field to detect the problem and resolve it. Turn it into your daily practice, even though you don’t need it
each working day.


Communicate Clearly: Never forget that you are the expert that customers are seeking for. You are in control – that’s how they see and believe you! Thus, it is over to you to ensure that your customer understands exactly what you are trying to tell them. What is obvious to you, might not be to them. Make sure they have the proper time needed to understand and at the end if they are satisfied with your service.

Also, remember that communication is a two-way process. You have to listen to what the customers’ needs are before you can do any tasks. You cannot do your job effectively if you do not listen patiently. To know what really, truly is the problem you must develop the skill of a good listener. Do not forget that the half solution of the problem is found within the problem itself.  

Manage your Time: Think about your own time when it comes to the time of others that are seeking your service. A customer will be very satisfied when is certain that your assistance is there the entire process, no matter how hard it may be. It is easier said than done – I know. Nevertheless, keep a sharp focus on your objectives, always.

Another part of managing your time, is making sure you deliver solutions when you and as you promised. Respecting your client’s time is vital to ensuring their needs are being met.

Know Your Limits: Your limits related to your job position and responsibilities, are at a very importance to develop a professional level of employee. There will always be a time when you don’t have to answer. And, in all these moments it is batter to tell the truth and don’t be afraid to say that you do not have an answer. However, to keep your customer satisfied even in those situations, the best is to do your part in finding or developing a solution. Collaborative skills with other colleges is a first solution in each hard-mixed problem. Project Management and Advantages

As a tech professional it is ever important to make time to train yourself in the non-technical skills because you will be relying on them in the workplace.

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