Capacity Development

Our idea is to offer instruction in the basic professions to encourage the young to stay in Albania and involve and integrate them into the business sector. We want to stop the brain drain of our young adults who leave Albania to find jobs elsewhere. We want to involve and integrate women and ethnic minorities in the tourism labor market. Our aim is for the Elbasan public schools to do this in the next few years so all Albanians can get a basic education regardless of their financial situation or gender.
Elbasan is proud of its efforts in piloting TOT (Trainer of Trainers), inspiring local public institutions and authorities to follow the VET Dual system, and implementing that system in professional high schools, professional training centers, and with professional faculties at Elbasan University.


Elite Academy

The Elite Academy is the brand CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of Elite Travel Group. Since we are a member of Travelife, we support initiatives that have a socio-economic impacts, such as education and training. The Academy is open and affordable for everyone; it is a non-profit organization.

Elite Travel Group is directly financing the Academy and external donors are not allowed to donate monetary funds. Instead, they can support the Academy in-kind by contributing their abilities and knowledge as trainers and coaches, providing workshops, organizing scholarship programs, and supporting the development of innovative curricula for TOT (Trainer of Trainers) and for students.

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