Painting makes a child happier!

If you are looking for a fun and creative way to help your children develop their artistic abilities, a painting course for kids is an excellent option. Not only does it provide a supportive environment for children to express themselves through art, but it can also help to improve their fine motor skills, boost their self-confidence, and enhance their problem-solving abilities.Painting makes a child happier

The children get to learn about…

In a painting course for kids, children will be introduced to the basics of painting, including color theory, composition, and brush techniques. They will be provided with all the necessary materials and tools, and the course will be tailored to their age and skill level. The classes will likely be structured based on instruction and hands-on painting time, allowing them to practice and develop their skills. 

Why this course?

One of the great things about a painting course for kids is that it encourages creativity and self-expression. Children are encouraged to experiment with different styles and subjects and develop unique painting styles. This can help to boost their self-confidence and encourage them to think outside the box. Another benefit of a painting course for kids is that it can help to improve their fine motor skills. Painting requires a steady hand and good hand-eye coordination, which can help to develop these skills in children. It can also help improve their problem-solving skills, as they learn to mix colors and create different effects with brush strokes.Painting makes a child happier

All above, in a few words:

Overall, a painting course for kids is a fun and rewarding way to help your child develop their artistic abilities. Whether they are just starting or have some experience with painting, a painting course can help to nurture their creativity, boost their self-confidence, and enhance their problem-solving skills.

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Emotional Intelligence: “beat your own game” at work

The human mind remains the unmatched instrument to reach success in life. In the professional world, it has become the philosopher’s stone in our quest to understand success. We have come up with answers that have not always helped to explore the brilliant career path. Beat your own game at work

We see intelligence as a key feature in work and even though we have created systems to measure it, studies show that our intelligence quotient (IQ) explains only about 20% of our success in life. They also show other factors that complete the rebus.

Among these other factors, emotional intelligence it’s not well-known and ironically very important. In this article, we’ll create a fuller picture of emotional intelligence and we’ll try to explain how you can develop it and why serves a great deal to have an excellent career. Beat your own game at work

What is emotional intelligence?

To not make it too complicated, we can start by explaining that our mind works based on two different ways. In other words, we can say we have two minds, one to think and one to feel. We are built with emotions, which are strong impulses that make us take action without thinking or overthinking.

Problems arise when our emotions get the best of us and we don’t get to express them in the best way. Our brain is constructed from bottom to top (or from inside out). The medium part, the limbic system, is responsible for our existential emotions. This part of our brain also allows us to learn and remember, giving us the chance to adapt to new environments. Keep that in mind!

Our emotional reactions and why we can’t change them can be explained by the fact that our “mind to feel” develops ahead of the neocortex (the part of the brain responsible for thinking and perceiving).

Emotional intelligence it’s our way to answer differently to the primal instinct. So, EI it’s the ability to understand and control our emotions.

How do EI and a successful career link together?

Emotional intelligence it’s key to a great career. It develops important and healthy work behaviors:

  1. Nonverbal communication
  2. Self-awareness of our emotions
  3. Optimizing efficiency
  4. Career development
  5. Encouraging others to develop interpersonal skills.

These behaviors come as a result of the five EI components in the workplace, first studied by the psychologist David Goleman, whose very well-known bestselling book “Emotional Intelligence”, we recommend you read.

The five EI components in the workplace:

  1. Self-awareness: helps us understand our feelings. This helps us understand better how our emotions are perceived by others, giving us a clearer panorama of how our colleagues may see us.
  2. Self-regulation: helps with controlling and adapting our emotions. By creating a new approach, we keep a professional appearance.
  3. Motivation: the urge and desire to achieve something help with self-fulfilled emotions.
  4. Empathy: knowing and understanding others’ emotions helps us handle work situations better.
  5. Social skills: helps with communicating and interacting with others. Very important to develop your career!

How to develop emotional intelligence:

There are various ways to develop emotional intelligence. We have summed up some of the best and most commonly recommended ways:

  1. Journal: at the end of each work day write about how your day was, and how was work, it doesn’t matter if the results are positive or not. By writing everything down you can track behavior patterns.
  2. Do the 360-degree assessment: you can do this by getting feedback from the people you work with and reflecting on yourself. This way you can perceive more easily your strong features, and those not so strong.
  3. Practice active hearing: hear carefully what other people say, be part of the conversation, only like this you can form strong relations.
  4. Pay attention to your emotions: make an effort to understand what you feel and why you are feeling it. This is the only way, for you to later understand others.

BONUS: If you want to understand and practice emotional intelligence more, enroll in an online course or training.

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The healthy and inspiring world of hiking: how to prepare

Amazing landscapes, the trees and soil’s aroma, a wonderful feeling of tranquility. Hiking has been one of the best recreational and healthy activities for a long time and aficionados keep being added to the list. Hiking is the best way to get away from this noisy world and the dynamics of work. You and nature, bonding, getting to know another aspect of yourself, appreciating the living world better, and challenging yourself to discover something new. Wouldn’t you love such a weekend?The healthy and inspiring world of hiking

Hiking it’s not just navigating in nature and even though anyone can try it, not everyone can withstand it. Read the article and get to know more about hiking and how to prepare for it.

First, a little bit more about hiking and its benefits

You don’t always do hiking, to have a good time and relax. That’s a good part of it, sure, but some people do it mostly for health reasons. The benefits of it for the human body:

  1. Minimizes the risk of heart diseases                                                                                                          (Helps better blood circulation)
  1. Lowers the blood pressure

(Also helps with hyper blood pressure)

  1. Fights diabetes

(Helps maintain blood pressure and insulin sensitivity)

  1. Helps with obesity

(You guessed it, burns calories)

  1. Lowers anxiety and depression levels

(Nature is a therapeutic environment, a natural boost of happiness)

  1. Improves sleep

(Gets you more vitamin D, which affects the sleeping cycle)

  1. Helps build muscle and protects the bones

(Activates muscles and slows down losing Calcium)

  1. Improves arthritis

(Helps the heart rate and reduces pain)

  1. Helps with your balance

(The land and terrain develop instincts and affect your physical force)


The fitness behind hiking

Some argue and articulate that preparing to go hiking, more than training, should be seen as a continuous investment in staying in shape. Fitness helps so much regarding staying in shape. These are some of the best exercises to always be in shape when you are about to go hiking:

Running and walking: daily habitual activity it’s the best way to keep the body alive and ready to intensify physical strain.

Try different dynamics of motion: do balancing exercises, and train the articulations and joints. This way you get prepared better for the terrain.

Crunches: train your physique for a good experience, not a painful one.

Squats and lunges: strengthen the body’s core muscles.

Push-ups: a powerful torso can carry heavier backpacks.

Cardio: enlarges your lung capacity and helps you hike longer.

Feel motivated and ready

Understandably, the idea of hiking can come around as disturbing and lead to anxiety. The path can be hard, maybe you don’t have enough experience, and you think it’ll be a burden. It all has to do with your attitude. If you change the way you think, then you’ll feel more motivated to do it. Pick your backpack carefully, take care of the food you’ll bring along, and choose wisely your footwear.

Before you set off, gather some kind of information about the place you’re visiting. Try to learn about it, to have some knowledge about the area, be able to talk about its features, why not ask around people who have been there before you. This can lead to good humor and a positive mindset.

Give yourself time to get ready. If you’re planning long journeys, possibly interacting in nature for a considerable period, get at least a month to prepare and select your gear.

Secure your feet!

When you go out hiking, you better make sure your feet feel comfortable, your footwear’s not too heavy, and above all, it can resist your encounter with nature. When it comes to hiking, footwear it’s one of the most important items. Experience can help you choose, but even those who don’t have long experience or want to start hiking, have options. The easiest thing you can do is to ask those familiar with it.

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On-set sound assistants: the voice of your favorite production

Given the name, we think it’s understandable that on-set sound are the people who help that the voice gets heard loud and clear. Without much else to add, let’s see what on-set sound assistants actually do and what qualities must they have.On-set sound assistants

What do they do?

Sound assistants generally assist the voice recorder in Tv and movie productions. They must make sure everything is going according to plan and safely. Though they do different things, the common thing a sound assistant does, it’s loading and unloading necessary equipment on recording/shooting sets, or wherever it’s needed. They set up mics and run cables safely and strategically.

Their duties sometimes get assigned based on their experience. New assistants change batteries, secure cables, or prepare coffee/tea, but older sound assistants are trusted with monitoring the hole voice-recording process.On-set sound assistantsOn-set sound assistants

If trouble comes, because of unwanted noises, sound assistants should get everything clear, fast and effectively, so that the recording doesn’t get disturbed. At the end, they should inventory and see if any equipment is missing.On-set sound assistants

Qualities and criteria:

  1. Excellent technical knowledge
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Resourcefulness
  4. Good precepting skills
  5. Health and safety
  6. Communication

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WordPress, the web god

If you’ve ever been asked by your teacher at school to build a simple website, chances are high that you’ve heard of or turned to WordPress. Powering nearly a third of all websites online, WordPress has become a worldwide phenomenon that generates data, content and design every day.WordPress, the web god

What makes WordPress desirable and so popular is that it serves as a fantastic platform for everyone. It is not necessary to have a long experience in the world of web development, but on the other hand it is quite useful even for the best professionals. Read below to learn more about WordPress and its many benefits.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a blogging and web-creating platform created in 2003 by developers Mike Little and Mike Mullenweg. Since then, WordPress has spread to every corner of the world and has become the biggest generator of creating and maintaining websites. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about websites for personal use, or about well-known brands’ websites. WordPress is used by everyone. Since it is changeable and accessible by anyone at any time it’s practical and simple.

How can you work with WordPress?

When you have WordPress loaded, you will be presented with the main dashboard, from where you, as the site administrator, can control everything about the site and the content. Start, once you have access to the dashboard, you will be able to choose a theme, or create a template, and enrich it with headers, content spaces, colors, different theme options, etc. The main dashboard also allows accessibility to content creators and moderators regarding sites and blogs. The latter are the two most common content types in WordPress.

For professionals, WordPress also allows changing and working with the code behind the pages, while for those who do not have such knowledge, everything can be controlled from the main dashboard.

If you want a detailed guide on how to get started telling us, let us know!

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Transfer Driver: gets you on your destination on time, safe and comfortably.

Despite the general point of view of transportation only as a service and sometimes a luxury, we must keep in mind that it’s an actual job. In this article we are going to see what does a transfer driver do, what qualifications do they have and why do most people prefer them.

What does a Transfer Driver do?

A transfer driver is an individual, qualified and employed by a traveling agency, who’s only duty is taking a tourist or a group of them on time, safe and professionally to their destination. Be careful, a transfer driver is not to be compared or confused with a through-guide, a person that besides being a guide, does the transportation also.

Criteria and qualification:

  • Communication standard and customer service
  • Ethical conduct, uniform, personal and vehicle hygiene
  • Apps, orientation, correct navigation, maps and directions
  • Communication with colleagues, documents, records, service managing apps
  • Rules and national and international security standards

Why do people prefer it:

Firstly, transfer drivers are ideal for families of big groups of people. No one wants to wait in traffic, or waste valuable time trying to get a taxi.

On the other hand, a transfer driver comes with a well-organized and correct plan. Everything is planned, making delays or eventualities almost impossible, ideal even for business trips.

Another convenience it’s the client-dedicated service a transfer driver represents. Anything can be adapted to clients’ needs and demands. Tranquility, comfort and safety are guaranteed.

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Coding for kids: an investment hobby

This could be another opening where we restate how the world we live in is strongly dominated by technology, but we all know that right? Instead, in this article we will discuss shortly, why kids should be taught coding and above all why is it important and what benefits has for them?

Kids and teenagers are in daily contact with technology. The metonymy that the new generation have been born with a smartphone on their hands, goes to show that born in the technological era, in a way or another, young people have the tendency to surf the net and use technology. Coding gives them the opportunity to not only use technology, but create and invent new technologies.

Why is it important and how can you teach it to kids?

Learning to code is like learning a new language, that is why young people have higher chances to learn better. In fact, coding can be taught easier to young ages.

Coding will help your kids to create a new set of skills, but it’s not only that. Coding is a long-term investment that can be brought up as a hobby. In the near future, looking at the job market and analyzing it, we can surely say that individuals with coding and programming experience and knowledge will have it easier to be spotted and to probably find a job.


Some of the skills kids get through learning how to code:

  1. Problem-solving
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Perseverance
  4. Communication
  5. Creativity

How can you teach kids how to code?

  1. Firstly, you need to simply explain the basic notions of coding. Remember that kids will have a long time to expand their knowledge, so start out slow with simplified and shortened concepts.
  2. Try to explain how coding connects to the daily life, how can it be helpful.
  3. Learn coding basics with blocked-based programming.
  4. Study common coding terms.

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Set construction sets the mood for a great creative production.

If you ever desired to live on the location of your favorite movie or series, we are sorry to disappoint, but what you are looking for is probably a room with three walls. However, we must admit that at times we have been in ow of the rooms and furniture of the main character, or we’ve deeply admired the mood and the ambiance of where the story develops.Mood for a great creative production

There is a very important sector in the world of cinematographic and televised production that creates the world the director thinks of and helps in creating the very important elements to transmit as it should the world we see. Set construction combines creative abilities with detailed planning to turn fantasy in reality.Mood for a great creative production

Why set construction is important:

If the actors’ game is the highest scale of valuing that gives a production its name and success, filming sets are the main accessory that accompanies the production and creates the general esthetical idea about it. A filming set done wrong can make people think the budget was low, the work put in unprofessional and that the creation is unworthy of watching. Other productions, with good filming sets based on the script, the mood and the vibe that are meant to be delivered create a fuller picture and do the job right. Theatre, television, movie makers rely on sets to create a unique dimension, where everything goes perfectly and the creating elements match perfectly. In certain cases, sets get as much attention as the actors and the plot: the corridor (“The shining”), the avatar world (“Avatar”), almost every filming set (“The Game of Thrones”), are some of the greatest examples of brilliant movie sets that have remained in history.

Constructing the set:

Set construction is artificially creating suitable scenery to be filmed by cameras. Creative directors and directors work with set designers to create sets that basically are miniature worlds that are adapted to the story and the characters. It is very important that these sets do not get looked over, but get created with care and attention to detail.

Planning and studying the script:

The first thing to be done to construct a set is the planning and that can’t be done without the designer reading and analyzing the script.

Scripts contain important information on the story, the characters and the plot. It’s demanded that detailed notes are taken from the script. These notes should be about:

  1. The setting – the time, the place and the ambiance
  2. Necessary props
  3. The mood – which will later affect choosing the color palette.
  4. The set dimensions – if there are plenty of actors and the set is small than filming will be awkward, but if the set is too big and not a lot of actors involved, they’ll be lost in the emptiness.
  5. Constructing from scratch or use a previous set.

Involving the director’s ideas and demands:

Because everything rotates around the ideas inside the director’s mind, the set designer should work with them closely. Throughout this process the director should be asked about the tone, the mood, the themes and the color palette, the budget and any extra props not mentioned in the script.

Creating a mock-up:

In order to understand how the set will look, a prior model helps. There are different ways to come up with one:

  1. Photos and images: searching and studying various imagery, a collage with pictures displaying furniture, ambiance and colors that resemble the designer’s idea can be made.
  2. Drawing: this way needs an architectural design of how the set is going to look. To achieve this, a general plan, scaled images and scenery imagery are asked for.
  3. Getting inspiration from previous productions: getting inspired by other productions can create an idea of how the set would look like and parallel strings get pulled on what has been done before and what can overcome it.

Building from scratch or not:

This is the most important decision when it comes to constructing a set, as it will affect the budget, the filming and the process itself. Both alternatives have their advantages as well as their disadvantages. Such a decision gets made with the director almost every time.

Building from scratch: constructing a set from nothing gets you the absolute freedom over the design process. Usually, a three walled room gets constructed with all the needed props inside. The filming crew, than uses the space of the “forth wall” to film. Though this alternative is totally creative, costs too much and needs time to come around as it should.

Filming on location: here, a pre-existing location gets turned into a filming set. Costs less and gets done faster, but you must make sure you have the permission to film and the set won’t get changed while not filming. You also should make sure everything and everyone can get in.

Creating the budget plan:

It’s crucial the to plan the budget. It’s not nice, nor professional for the money to get all spent as the construction is still on an and to be able to complete it with all the needed props and details.

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Hotel management, challenging and great

Hotels are important objects of our society, brands widely-known for their image, prestige, excellent services, their ambiances and the aesthetic related with their names.Hotel management challenging and great

All above are the prime goals a hotel manager should achieve with their work. Managing a hotel though, it’s not a very easy job to do, intense and full with challenges.

What does a hotel manager do?

Managing a hotel encapsulates all the responsibilities related with the normal functioning of all activities, taking care of the everyday continuity of work. Hotels with intense activities deals with services, finance, food and beverages, marketing, reservations, planning et cetera.

How do you do it?

Although the primary duty of a hotel manager is to deal from really close with any problem there may exist in the hotel, it’s almost impossible to do it all by yourself in the middle of such complex serving structures. Because of this, many hotels operate with managers cooperating with head of sectors, whom report anything important to them. Great, don’t you think? Truly? …. kind of. Why?

 The job of a hotel manager mostly can be described as: putting constant pressure on everyone. You get to be the bad guy, but let’s face it, you can’t be simply happy and cheerful with thousands of employees.

In a nutshell: hotel managers supervise how a hotel works.

Again, not truly.

What is demanded:

  1. Managing hotel services
  2. Oversee events and conferences
  3. Solve any problem that may rise
  4. Interlink with contractors and renovations
  5. Maintain cooperation and compliance

What are the main responsibilities?

Financial responsibilities: hotels want to gain, so managers should follow financial strategies, tracking how much money is spent, revenues, analyze sales figures, reports and keep records.

Leading a successful team: hotels cannot be functional without their staff and hotel managers should do anything to create a good climate through colleagues, be motivational, notice talented employes and provide continuous training. A hotel manager should be able to deal with absences and try to keep the employes by investing in them in cooperation with HR.

Provide an amazing experience for guests: a hotel manager should be very welcoming and should take care closely, detail-oriented to solve their problems. They should also be watchful for the competition and the newest technological advancements, in order to create real connections with their clientele.

Preserve the reputation: to make client want to come back, managers must build a presence around the hotel’s name, using marketing, creating an online presence too, getting attention through offers and responding immediately to any questions or dissatisfaction.

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On-set electricians: Let there be light!

The magic screen of cinema remains to this day one of the favorite forms of escapism in a world where the plot, the aesthetic and the message all intertwine. Meryl Streep has shared that when she was a young actress someone once said to her: “You look the mark on the floor, right? If you stay on it, the light will hit you and you may be part of the film.”On-set electricians: Let there be light!


There is a special group of people on the world of film and TV productions, without whom action can not be taken. These are on-set electricians, whom make sure no part of your favorite actor’s face remains on the dark.

What does an on-set electrician do?

On-set electricians have an advantage: their duties are well defined. They care for the equipment and electric lighting on a filming set or location. Sounds easy, right? Well… on-set electricians have their challenges.



More about on-set electricians:

Their groups have a gaffer, who manages and leads the hole work process while filming. Among other things, on-set electricians must make sure all departments have power and must set up lights for every shot. They better be flexible and adapt well, as every gaffer have their way of working and usually asks to work on a specific way. Some may ask you to stay on set with them all the time, while others may want only their special boys and others may assist with equipment when needed.

Why is lightning on set so important?

Lightning communicates with the spectator, creates atmosphere, mood, contributing on the artistic experience. Lightning it’s a powerful tool to evoke feelings inside the viewer. It smooths, sharpens what we see on screen, helps not only in creating a beautiful esthetic product, but also in developing an idea and a message. Lightning also helps on character development, as certain lightning we connect with values attributed to specific characters.

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